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We Buy and Sell Artisan Rugs in Temecula, CA

Here at Rustam Rug Gallery, we understand that people want to welcome beauty in their homes. Therefore, we buy and sell the finest artisan rugs in Temecula, CA and aim to be your top choice when it comes to rugs and carpets. If you’re in the market for a specific type of rug, chances are that we have it in stock.

We acquire our rugs from all over the world, from east to west. We meticulously choose our stock and get only the finest pieces. Additionally, we understand that design trends change all the time and update our stock to include the most popular styles. At Rustam Rug Gallery, we make sure that the perfect style for you is always available.

Our specialties include French Aubusson rugs with 3-dimensional designs. We also carry Navajo rugs, easily identifiable by their bold coloration and fascinating geometric designs. If you’re one for multipurpose rugs, we carry tapestry rugs that can either be rolled out on the floor or hung on the wall. You can also check out our modern and traditional rugs. We sell antique Oriental rugs from the Middle East, as well as modern rugs designed and manufactured in the 1900s. Our Oriental rugs come in all kinds of designs, from simple to complex.

Lastly, we also stock floor runners, round rugs, and pillows to match any of your rug purchases. All of these can be acquired from us for up to 40% off every day.

We do much more than just offer fine rugs for sale to customers in Temecula, CA. The sheer number of rugs on display can be a bit overwhelming. So if you need help, our experts can help you choose which rug to buy.

If you have an old rug that has outlived its usefulness, or a rug that is too big for your floor, we can help with that. Rustam Rug Gallery buys used and unneeded rugs, either for reselling or recycling. This way, you can save a hefty buck while helping us expand our stock.

We only bring the best services to our customers. Our round-the-clock services ensure that you get the best service no matter when you need it. You can call us on our toll-free number or browse our website for more information.

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