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We are Your Authentic Rug Store in Temecula, CA!

As a family-owned rug store in Temecula, CA that has been in the industry for generations, we at Rustam Rug Gallery provide you with rugs that can last a lifetime!

Also known as Oriental Rug Gallery, we are located in the charming city of Temecula, California and have been your number one choice of rug providers since 1999. We carry a wide selection of rugs from all over the world; from modern, to traditional, to decorative Persian and Chinese rugs, we’ve got them all. But we don’t just sell rugs, we also clean, appraise, and we are open to trading them.

Having been in the rug industry for generations, we share a collective pride in the quality of the rugs that we produce and our keen eye for the finest rugs all over the world. Although others might say that it is a bold claim, it is one that we believe to be true. Sourcing interesting and exceptional pieces require a lot of traveling, an avid passion for collecting, and a keen eye that has the ability to spot the extraordinary. We know the importance of design and for that reason, we only work with designers who can showcase their ability, creativity, and originality.

Because we know what it takes to create an exceptional rug, we understand the importance of the quality of raw materials used. After all, a rug is only as good as the fiber it is woven from!

We are here to provide you with the rug you’ve always dreamed of and we’ll even help you with the careful selection of the right rug for every room in your house. So, if it’s quality rugs that you’re looking for, just drop by at Rustam Rug Gallery, your rug store of choice in Temecula, CA!

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